Oh Sehun

Sehun - 140531 Hong Kong Airport, arrival from Incheon
Credit: Philary Guo. (홍콩공항 입국)

(fancam) 140524 the lost planet tour - lay's solo
romantic healing | do not modify, do not re-upload.

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140525 Lay weibo update
  • Lay: Since it has been found out, I'll tell you guys a secret. This is a short sleeved shirt that I made myself, there's nothing much I can do for you guys so preparing to give you guys these as a gift during my birthday. Exactly when I can send, I'm not too sure but I've prepared it already. Before my birthday you cannot get it, do you like it ?
  • Tao: If it includes shipping then I'll take 100 hahaha.
  • Lay: Who's going to give you free shipping ? You pay the money and I'll DIY it for you →_→
  • Tao: No free shipping ? I'm not buying ! Repost for a draw, shading me thank you!
  • ♥♥Chanyeollieeee♥♥♥
    whisper to baek
    Eyoo 😎👊✌